Welcome to the Home Page of the Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) -- National Peer to Peer (NPTP) Training Network.

The Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers, is hosting this web site to strengthen and expanded the existing National Peer to Peer "Train the Trainer" Network, formerly funded by a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Service, and as of October 1,2011 operating on a fee for service basis.

The NPTP Project will support National Goal 5.
Agencies increase their capacity to achieve results.

This project supports training and technical assistance throughout the country, so that agencies can increase integration of ROMA into the management and administration of Community Action Agencies.

This web site is a vehicle for facilitating communication both among the Certified Trainers and Candidates, but also throughout the entire CAA network.

Look for new curriculum modules and products, developed by ANCRT and by the National Certified Trainers throughout the country. Certified ROMA Trainers, Community Action Agencies and members of the National Advisory Committee will share information on current ROMA implementation strategies and other valuable resources.


This website is financed through fees generated by NPtP services. Photographs by Lynn Johnson.